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Still pretty dang cold here at 21 F/-6.1 C. Supposed to get down to 12 F/-11.1 C tonight.  At least it’s not snowing.  My gas bill is going to be higher than giraffes’ ears.  I don’t even want to think about it.  I remind you that the city I live in is at the same latitude as Casablanca, Morocco, although I suppose having the Gulf Stream in their front yard and the Sahara Desert in their back yard does have some influence on their climate. . .

There’s a new cable channel I’ve been getting, RFD-TV.  It’s supposed to be a network devoted to the “rural lifestyle” i.e., farming and ranching.  Rural TV has one show I like, Gentle Giants, which is about the draft breeds of horses.  The two presenters go places and interview people to do with the raising, training and showing of the draft breeds in America.   I happened across one of their other shows, Trains and Locomotives, the other night.  An hour’s worth of videos of actual freight trains passing through this one grade crossing at some place in Illinois.  (Armchair trainspotting?) Some guy went to this particular train crossing and took videos of every freight train that passed that crossing on that particular day. From two different angles.  And talked about them.  Simply riveting. (Not.)

I’ve decided to knit some heavy socks for my dad, not a small undertaking as he wears US size 13 (UK 12-1/2, Euro 47-1/2) shoes.  For a size 10 (6 mm, UK size 4) needle and the yarn I plan to use, that’s a stitch gage of 4 stitches to the inch, and for two at a time socks, that’s a cast on of 52 stitches with 26 on each needle.