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Today is the first of December, and a blog friend laid a little Vince Guaraldi on all and sundry courtesy of the Peanuts TV specials, by way of Diana Krall. I now have a Rhapsody playlist of everything of hers on Rhapsody. Just kind of turning out to be a smooth jazz day.

So much great music has come out of the Peanuts TV specials (Thanks, Sparky!), like this one, which goes out to pumpkin pies and jack-o-lanterns everywhere:

And this one, which everybody thinks is the Peanuts theme song, but it’s actually Linus and Lucy’s theme:


Had a nice long lie-in — after 4 pm when I finally decided to stir. After I catch up on the blogs, Tumblrs, and webcomics that I follow, I need to finish a pair of socks. Just have to decide whether I’ll listen to a Rhapsody playlist, internet radio, or Welcome to Night Vale.

And while we’re on the subject of off-the-wall things, how about this: Hey, lets have a peregrine falcon chase a guy on a mountain bike and film it. Well, all right then:

Wonder what mood-altering substance they were indulging in when they thought up this stunt. (Wonder where I could get some of it . . .  )

Then again, I could just keep listening to my Diana Krall play list and spend the afternoon enjoying the cheerful glow of a brightly blazing torch song. But first, I think I’ll take up the latest Mag Challenge, for the first time in a long time.