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Today’s earworm is this haunting song, “Clohinne Winds” sung by Niamh Parsons.

Oh, isn’t there just enough detail in the lyrics to lead you on like a will-o-the-wisp?  Who was he?  What happened to him?  Does she know what happened to him?  What’s the story?

And this one just because Maire Brennan has such a wonderful voice.  It’s from the film soundtrack of “King Arthur.”   (“Moya” is Eithne Brennan’s (“Enya”) big sister. )

I found something neat on Amazon for those who use a tablet like an iPad or ereader such as a Kindle or Nook, or a notebook.  It’s a holder for when you want to use it in your lap, or use it in bed.  You could also use it for a paper book or magazine.  It has a cloth cover, and fairly rigid pillow foam inside.  It came today and I can’t wait to try it out.  I’ve got one of those protective covers that holds my Kindle upright like a picture frame which is fine for a table or other flat surface, but it doesn’t work very well in bed.

I also found a little speaker thing that will work off my MP3 player, so I can go to sleep to music.  While it’s true I have the Squeezebox internet radio, which will access my Rhapsody account,  I have to put something over the screen to black out the light.  I like it totally dark when I sleep.  Even a digital clock is annoying.  This little speaker thing doesn’t have any lights on it, and I believe it has a smaller footprint than the Squeezebox.  It won’t be here until Monday, though.

I made another batch of Wolf Brand Chili and busketti (spaghetti), and I think I hear it calling my name.  A bowl of that sprinkled with Sargento’s Mexican 4 Cheeses with a side of a couple of biscuits sounds pretty good just now.