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… Arlo Guthrie spent Thanksgiving with a friend name Alice who owned a restaurant and lived in a church steeple in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, which had interesting and amusing consequences.  He recorded the saga of that particular Thanksgiving (see below) and later a film was made about it.

Hard to believe it’s been 46 years since that fateful Thanksgiving, but seeing as how this is Thanksgiving I thought I’d give you a little blast from the past.

You can take your pick from the original 1967 version or this 1990 “revisted” version. (Thanks, Bear!).

Hope your Thanksgiving is full of all the best things:  Eating a great Thanksgiving dinner at a table surrounded by all your favorite people, and having a great nap afterwards, or watching a great football game on TV, or otherwise disporting yourself in a safe and (relatively) sane holiday manner.

Soon as I post this, I’ll be suiting up and heading over to the folks’ house, so we can all go in one car over to the house of longtime friends’ for feasting, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah to one and all!