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768In an attempt to determine the fate of Radio Ultimae, one of my favorite internet radio streams, I learned from Maer at OEM Radio that:  “The sponsorship of free bandwidth that Radio Ultimae  . . . [was] operating with ended this month. . . Ultimae Records did not put up a new stream. . . not certain if they’re still deciding about it, or whether they’re electing not to continue.  You can write the label heads at contact (at) ultimae.com and let them know that you enjoy the stream.”

The folks that brought us Radio Ultimae are also the same folks who run Ultimae Records, which has brought us the artistry of of Aes Dana, Solar Fields, Lars Leonhard, Mitek, Carbon Based Lifeforms, H.U.V.A. Network, Circular, and others.  Let them know you care!  If you like the music of any of their artists and want to buy their music, please buy from Ultimae Records if you can.  Their prices are in Euros, but they accept Paypal and Paypal can handle any currency exchange necessary.

Radio Ultimae was a “sister station” of Blue Mars, who I suspect suffered the same fate.  This is hard news for me, as my internet radio musical tastes are quite specific and there are so few internet radio stations that cater to the kind of ambient I like.  Radio Ultimae had so many of my favorite artists.  Right now, there is a big gap in my listening pleasure!  However, Maer at OEM Radio very kindly replied to my email query. You might want to give them a listen.

Calvin-and-Hobbes-dancing_1589On the upside, SomaFM has a couple of new channels:

Earwaves:   “The experimental side of electronics, new music, 20th and 21st century contemporary classical (minimalists and avant garde), progressive electronics, electro-acoustic, computer music and other mutant art-music forms. Not always an easy listen, often demanding your full attention. Earwaves has a long history, it originated on KUNM-FM 89.9 from 1979 to 1986 and then on KSFR-FM 101.1 from 1990-1995, and now has a home on SomaFM.

Deep Space One:   “Deep ambient electronic, experimental and space music. Music for getting lost in space, or just exploring. Tracks with a tempo usually too slow for Space Station Soma, but too fast for Drone Zone.”

You win a few and you lose a few.  Such is life.