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I was thinking about the Sealcam just now, (the project is now over for this year) and the thought struck me.  I was looking at something that was happening on a beach 4500 miles away, and I was seeing it happening in real time, pretty much, with only a couple of seconds delay at most, and I was so blasé about it.  You look at something on a computer monitor, and you don’t think about all the things that have to happen to put that image there, or, for that matter, where the image is coming from to begin with.  There’s a certain unreality to it, like anything else you see on a screen (like TV) simply because it’s on a screen.  There’s this suspension of belief thing that makes it hard to remember that what you’re seeing has really happened, that there’s a reality on the “other side” of your computer monitor, too.  This sense of insularity is a dangerous thing. It breeds trolls, for one thing.

(change of topic) I did a transcript the other day about prostate cancer treatment strategies, and the dictator, a urologist, made the remark about how prostate cancer was a couples disease.  It not only affects the man who has it, but his spouse as well.  He then went on to say that the man should involve his spouse in treatment decisions and see that she or he is educated as to the pros and cons of various treatment modalities.  Yeah.  That “she or he” snuck up on me, too.  I was almost a full sentence past it before the sense of it struck me.  The dictator was just so matter of fact about it when he said it, like it was the most unremarkable thing in the world that a man’s spouse could be another man — which is exactly how it should be.  Yes, I believe that two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together should be able to legally marry.  Any two people.

EL SET DE LOS VENGADORES SE TRASLADA AL CENTRAL PARK(change of topic)  I watched The Avengers film last night on my Kindle.  Streamed it from Amazon prime.  Enjoyed it, actually. Especially Loki.  Hiddleston just walked away with the whole film.  The guy has some serious acting chops.  How many American actors could put something like this on the table: “I looked to Shakespeare and his great villains because that’s the stuff I did when training as a theater actor. Loki is an illegitimate son who is jealous of his brother — Edmund in King Lear is an illegitmate son who is jealous of his brother. Loki is obsessed with being king — Macbeth is obsessed with being king. Loki is a master manipulator, puppet master and strategist who will spin every situation for his own needs. Iago in Othello is a master manipulator, puppet master and strategist who will spin every situation for his own needs. Shakespeare wrote such deep complex villains and I’ve borrowed from his themes just for myself to enrich Loki’s psychology.” Is it any wonder there is now a cult of Loki? Of course, now I have to watch Thor.  And the new one.   Here’s Hiddleston being larger than life at Comi-con.

In knitting news, I’ve started on a second pair of socks.  I ripped the three cable shawl out, and now I’m doing a ruana.  I’ve started it in seed stitch, and I may do it all in seed stitch, or I may make it just a border.  I haven’t decided yet.  While I love my 9-blade pinwheel shawl, It’s just not big enough and it’s hard to keep on while I’m up moving about unless I pin it.  I’m making a bigger one in teals, but that style of semicircular shawl is best worn when you’re staying put, like at the computer or reading in bed.  A ruana lets you throw one side of the front over your shoulder, and at about 22 inches in width, one side is long enough and wide enough to stay put.