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IMG_1087It is officially colder than the proverbial wedge.  According to my weather gadget, it’s only 25 F/-3.8 C outside at the moment. Our predicted high is 26 F/-3.3 C and predicted low tonight is 24 F/-4.4 C. Tomorrow’s high is predicted to be 30 F/-1 C with 23 F/-5 C predicted for tomorrow’s low.  Intermittently all morning, there have been tiny little pellets of ice pptting against the windows like blown sand, enough to whiten the ground.  I really ought to go find the little Styrofoam doodads that go over the outside water spigots, as the one just to the left of the back door tends to freeze, but this is the first time I’ve sat down all morning.   Later.  Before tonight.  I just hope I’ve got enough antifreeze in my car.

IMG_1090I’ve had a busy morning.  I loaded the bread machine to make a loaf of French, made a double batch of (American) biscuits using all three size cutters — 9 large, 6 small (about 1-1/2 inches/3.8 cm in diameter) and the rest medium. (I have to go sit with my dad tomorrow while my mom goes out, and I’ll take him the six small ones. They’re just almost bite size.)   After I got my baking done and cleaned up after and started the dishwasher going, I had the delightful chore (not!) of changing the bag in the Littermaid.  It only takes about 10 minutes, and it’s actually not very messy at all.  I’ve got it set up to use a 20-gallon trash bag instead of those expensive little plastic receptacles (I’ll do a post about how I’ve got it set up) and I end up having to change the bag about once every two weeks.  With this new litter I’ve been using, the used litter has no ammonia smell at all, and there’s almost no dust.

My computer mouse developed scroll wheel paralysis the other day — when you turn the wheel, nothing happens.  I periodically have been having trouble with the left mouse button as well.  It’s a little Microsoft wireless notebook mouse. I’ve only had it for about 6 months, and while I do mouse a lot — playing games, reading things in my feed reader, etc.,  —  and I’m on the computer quite a lot, one would expect it to hold up longer than that.  A shame, too.  It’s such a nice size and fits my hand so nicely. To replace it, I got a new Logitech wireless mouse that has no moving parts.  You move the mouse pointer by moving the mouse, the same as with any other mouse, but it scrolls and switches between pages like a touch pad.  With no moving parts, maybe it’ll hold up better.  I notice Logitech has a spiff wireless keyboard with the tapered edge I like that will actually stand on edge when not in use.  Hmmm . . . Christmas is coming up, and I have been a very good girl . . .

I’m making progress on the socks for my sock feet.  I’m almost ready to start the ribbed tops.  I’ve learned how to do the toe using Turkish Cast on, and how to do a Fleegle heel (video here) and I’ve learned to do two at a time socks.  I like the way the socks look done this way, and this method is transferable to making baby booties the way I like to make them (they look like baby bobby socks!).

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