My “proof of concept” sock feet lasted two winters.  Concept proved.  I’ve worn them so much I’ve worn the socks through at the heels, (typical).  Time to knit a new pair of socks, cut the soles off the old, worn-out socks, and sew them on the new socks.

I’m trying toe up socks, knit two at a time on a single double-pointed circular needle (36-inch, 90+cm long) using bulky yarn on a US size 6 (4.0 mm/UK size 8) IMG_1073_1circular needle.  There are other, fiendishly complicated ways to cast on, but I like the Turkish Method that this lady uses. It looks difficult doing two socks at the same time on one needle, but it’s not really, once you see IMG_1076what’s happening. She’s using worsted yarn.  I’m using her method, but I’m using a pattern to fit bulky yarn.  This method of knitting socks was developed to counter “second sock syndrome.” You get one sock done, and run out of steam before you get the second sock done.  This 2 socks on one circular needle is also IMG_1079called “Magic Loop,”  You can also use two double-pointed circular needles, but that’s too much flopping about for me.  I like the way one long needle works.  I don’t have a problem keeping the yarn from two balls from getting tangled.  When I get to the end of the “row,’ instead of turning the work horizontally, I flip it vertically, and that keeps the yarn strands from tangling.    IMG_1080The nice thing about this method is you finish both socks at the same time, and you’re ready to go.  I’ll use the same pattern to knit baby booties that I’m using here for socks for me.  (for a shoe size US 8-1/2 /UK 6, Euro 39)  What makes the difference is the gage of the needles and the size of the yarn.  (Baby booties are made with fingering yarn on US size 2 (2.75 mm/ UK12) needles.) I’m deliberately making these with bulky yarn on a smaller needle size to make a densely knitted thick sock.

There are a gazillion videos on YouTube that show you how to do all kinds of knitting (and lots of other stuff).  I’m going to learn a new method to turn the heel (Fleegle heel), as the way I taught myself requires too much fiddling about with a crochet hook to close up the gaps. This lady (Liat Gat) has a whole series of videos on two at a time socks, which I like as she knits continental style.