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Monday night, I had a cooking attack.  Made a double batch of biscuits, cooked a whole box of busketti (spaghetti) and mixed half the spaghetti with a can of Wolf Brand Chili mitt beans which, with sprinkle cheese on top and hotted in the microwave, is major nums.   Last night I made some “white” gravy with whole wheat flour browned in olive oil with some almond milk added.  It was Not Bad At All poured over some biscuits cut into thirds horizontally (Like you’d cut a biscuit in halves to butter it, only cut it in thirds instead).  Next time I shop groceries, which may be a while unfortunately, I’ll have to get some Le Sueur small peas and try my hand at this stuff my mom used to make — white gravy, tuna fish, and peas on toast. RIght up there with scrambled eggs and Gebhardt’s chili on toast.  Gebhardt doesn’t make canned chili any more.  Boo.

chargedSo I’m sitting at the computer catching up on reading the Tumblr blogs I follow.  The grey kitty is sleeping on my chest with her head pillowed on my left arm — leaving my mousing hand free.  We are all snuggly and warm. Unbeknownst to us, the white kitty is sleeping in front of the closet door that is behind and to the left of my chair, which we discover because suddenly there is a double-barreled kitty sneeze.  I wish I had a video of the grey kitty reacting to it.  Her head came up, and she was looking down over my left arm with such a “Do you mind!?” expression.  Of course, then she jumped to the floor and went off in a huff because I started laughing.  She doesn’t like her pillows quite so bouncy.

I think here in a minute I’m going to go check the HVAC thermostat in the hall.  I have yet to switch it over to heat because it hasn’t been cold enough yet (below 60 F/15.5 C)  I think tonight might be the night to make the switch.

NIGHT-VALE-LOGO-620x620Speaking of making the switch, I need to switch over to the other computer and do some work.  Not motivated.  I’d much rather sit and knit and listen to Night Vale, but I’ve a utilities bills to pay.  Got my Welcome to Night Vale teeshirt today.  I’ve downloaded to my computer all the Night Vale episodes so far, used my rinky-dink little AVS Audio Editor program to edit out the annoying commercial they’ve started opening the episode with, and now I have a playlist of them on my Sanza Fuze+ mp3 player.  One of these nights it’ll be me in the recliner under a lap robe, with kitties, knitting and Night Vale, but not tonight, alas.