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Here’s one for the history buffs and fans of 17th Century London.

The video was created by 6 students at De Montfort University in Leicester for the prestigious Off the Map competition sponsored by GameCity, The British Library and Crytek.  Participants in the competition were asked to turn actual historic maps from the British Library into realistic and detailed  scenery using Crytek’s CryENGINE software. The participating teams and universities were allowed to choose one of three different maps as their inspiration: The Pyramids of Giza, Wiltshire’s Stonehenge, or London around the time of the Great Fire of 1666.

The DMU team chose to show the area of London around Pudding Lane and the bakery of Thomas Farriner, where the Great Fire started and were highly concerned with achieving historic accuracy, including reproducing the hanging signs of genuine inns and businesses mentioned in Samuel Pepys’ diary. Their winning entry impressed the judges with its realism and attention to detail, showing the tightly packed streets and lanes of the capital city. More information on the source material and processes can be found on the team’s blog.

I don’t think any of the students who worked on this video will have any trouble finding a job after graduation.