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Photo ©2012 Sanday Development Trust, Orkney Islands

A blog friend has posted a link to a website sponsored by the Sanday Development Trust.  Sanday is one of the north isles of Orkney, located off Scotland’s north coast.  Following up on the success of last year’s project a remotely operated, solar powered camera has again been set up overlooking two small Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) breeding beaches.  You might want to check out the website and give a look at the live video feed from the SealCam. 

Sanday Orkneys

Photo ©2012 Sanday Development Trust, Orkney Islands

Unfortunately, you’ll need a broad band connection and you’ll need to remember to take into account that the Orkneys are on GMT (0 UTC) which is, depending on your time zone, 4 (EST = -4 UTC)) to 7 (PST = -7 UTC) hours ahead of the US (e.g., midnight in New York is 4 a.m in the Orkneys).  Also take into account that Britain went off daylight saving time this weekend, and the US doesn’t go back to real time until next weekend. Oh, and Britain  is supposed to get hit by a whalloping storm early Monday, with gale-force winds and heavy rain forecast. .

If there’s nothing visible or interesting on the live SealCam feed, there are also short videos from last year’s SealCam available on the website, as well as several blog posts by the Ranger and many photos taken of the area.