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Monday night, I watched TV all evening until I had had enough and was ready to go to bed.  The switch that turns on my living room/lounge lights is located in the entryway, right next to the front door, so I went over to turn off the lights, and guess what! There was a(nother?) gecko on the wall beneath the light switches.  So I go into the kitchen, get a glass, herd the little schnook into the glass, and usher him outside.  Alles ist jetzt gut, and off to bed we go.


The Shawl I Keep On My Computer Chair


The Leopard Throw and Friends

For the last couple of days now, it had been cool and rainy (Yay!). Yesterday, I actually had to put socks on!  I’ve been sleeping under both the bedspread and the sheet for a couple of days now, instead of just the sheet, and last night, I even had to put the leopard throw over the spread.  This morning, I actually got the shawl that I have spread over the back of my computer chair and put it round my shoulders. (That kind of a dark pink band is actually a light grape purple.) I looked out into the jungle that is my back yard this morning, and I’m seeing a damp sidewalk, and yellow leaves on a couple of those stupid Tree of Heaven seedlings that are all over the place.  The seasons, they are a-changing.   However, the HVAC system won’t be a-changing from AC to heat until temperatures inside the house fall below 60F/15C.