I have a little manicure kit that I got when I graduated from high school, so I’ve had it quite a while.  Nail scissors, file, buffer, nail pick, cuticle pusher, toenail clipper, all in this little zip up case with the little straps to hold each thing.  I kept it in my office in a decorative metal box along with my little Maglite flashlight, cotton swabs, a zip-up holder for my SanDisk memory sticks, some little interdental thingies to clean in between your teeth, a comb, etc.  The only time I would need to cut my nails is when I’m at the computer.   I’m always sitting at my desk when I use it, and I put it right back in the box when I’m done.  Today I reached in the box for it, and it wasn’t there.  Since it’s not there, I have no clue where it is.  I wouldn’t take it anywhere else in the house, like the bedroom, as I have another kit in my nightstand.  I really liked the curved nail scissors in that kit. I’m kind of freaked now.