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spinning-lady-5693171On a blog I follow, we got into a discussion about the use of a compass and the lasting grief caused by forcing a left-hand-dominant person to be right handed.  (If you are right-dominant, the lady to the right will appear to be turning in a clockwise direction.  If you are left-dominant, she will appear to be turning in a counterclockwise direction.  If you stare at her, she may abruptly change direction.  How long and hard you have to stare at her before she changes direction indicates how dominant the dominant side of your brain is.  I have a left-handed father and a right handed mother.  I write right-handed, but I know I have cross-dominance — all I have to do is look away for a second and she’ll change direction just like that.)  In the course of the discussion, we also got into a discussion about giving driving directions and guy directions versus girl directions.

Yeah.  There’s a difference.  Guy directions include things like street names, number of miles, cardinal directions (north, south, etc).  They’re mapcentric. They require you to read street signs, do odometer math and count things.  They require a precise starting point.  Example:  “At the intersection of Street Name and Other Street, go east 2.6 miles.  Turn north onto Avenue Name and go 1.6 miles.  Turn north again on This Other Street.  The house number is 218.  It’s the fifth house on the east side of the street.”

Girl directions include landmarks, body directions (left, right, straight ahead), and relative directions (toward or away from relative to the direction of travel).  They’re landmark oriented and tied to real world features such as specific buildings and businesses, shopping centers, parks, playgrounds, bridges, etc.  They do not require you to read street signs or do math, but do require you to know where certain main streets are. They assume you are not color blind.  Their starting point is “where are you coming from?”  Example:  “Where are you coming from?  OK.  You’ll need to get on Street Name going toward downtown.  Stay in the inside lane.  Keep going until you come to the Big Drip Car Wash that’s next to the Burger Queen.  They’ll be on the left side of the street.  Turn left at the next light after the Burger Queen.  Get into the outside lane. You’ll go by a park on the right, and right past it is the McFreeble Public Library.  Turn right on the street just past the library.  Then take the next right.  It’s 218; it’ll be on your left about halfway down, a green house with a row of Catalpa trees along the street.”

The big red tabby cat was in the dream I awoke from today.  He was a classic tabby, and his fur was not your typical orange tabby fur, but flaming, carrot-top human red.  In the dream, I had brought him into the household, and out of jealousy,  the black cat started dumping piles of soiled cat litter (don’t ask me how) all over the house.  Yes.  Jealous black cat is jealous. For reals.  And obnoxious.  And a little thug.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind having my red dream tabby.  He was really a beautiful red cat.

In other news, there have been no more gecko sightings after that first one.  This is a brick house built on a concrete slab, but it’s a tiny little lizard, so no telling how, or where it got in, or where it has gone. I’m not too worried about it, though.  Now and again, the world throws you a curve just to keep you on your toes.