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I wrote the previous post this morning.  I was just too bummed yesterday to even begin to process it, never mind blog about it. Last Friday, I had already made a date with my BFF for her to come over for a “Once Upon A Time” Marathon — We’re catching up on this season — and she knew nothing about the drama that had played out over the weekend until she arrived at 3 p.m.  I spilled the whole tale of woe, got hugs and commiserations — she’s had her innings with feral cats herself, and way more tragic episodes than this one.  Then, rather than have a pity party, we watched four episodes of “Once Upon A Time” (Fairy tales meets soap opera) and let Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold/Rumpelstilskin) and Meghan Ory (Ruby/Red Ridinghood/Werewolf), and Snow and Charming, Emma and Henry, and Giants and Dwarves and Captain Hook distract us from reality for a while.  After she left, I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching TV before I finally crawled into bed and managed to get to sleep.

Today did not start well. When I awoke at just after 7 a.m., not having slept well at all, I went in to boot up my computer to write the previous blog post.  Guess what. I had no internet and no phone service, and until I gave them all but $11 of all the money I have right now, they would not turn it back on again.  Because of the holiday, I didn’t get paid Monday; I got paid Tuesday instead and couldn’t get hold of the money until this morning, so my ATT bill went delinquent, and my service was disconnected. So I spent $9 and change of the $18+  bucks on my pay as you go cellphone making the 8 phone calls it took to FINALLY get my service back (that’ll be a $90 reconnect fee, thank you very much). As I’ve mentioned, when you have ATT U-verse, if it goes down (or is turned off) you have no phone, no internet and no TV. Since I couldn’t get on the internet to check the balance in either my bank account or Paypal account I wasn’t exactly sure how much was in each account.  Luckily, I guessed right (that’ll be $5 for using two different debit cards to pay your bill, thank you very much), and the payment went through.

It took me two phone calls to roboman (I hate that robot’s voice!) just to get to a live person who could transfer me to somebody who could take my payment.  I was told my service should be up, if not momentarily, then within two hours.  After three hours, I call again and go round and round with roboman, wade through the decision tree to get to tech support, go through my tale of woe with them, get bumped back to billing, tell my tale of woe again, and get told, yes, my payments had cleared and I should be getting my service back momentarily. By now it’s going on 10 o’clock.  After another hour I call again to find out the system had been down earlier and “things were kind of backed up” but I should have gotten my service back by now.  We try rebooting the computer and the modem and all we accomplish is to use up some more of my cellphone minutes.  Two calls later, I FINALLY get internet service, and four of of my email addresses download email just fine, but my main email address won’t download, I have no TV, they can call in but I STILL have no outgoing phone service. Two more calls, numerous rebootings of modem and rebootings of TV box, and all I accomplish is to jack up my blood pressure a couple more notches.  Finally, the guy says he’s going to get with a supervisor to find out what the deal is, and he will call me back in about an hour.  (It’s 9:30 p.m. now, and he still hasn’t called back.)

I’m sorting through the email I was able to download and two of them are from Amazon telling me that I’ve sold stuff. I can sign onto their website and print invoices and postage, but I can’t download my mail from my main account, call out or watch TV.

Then, at 2:30, I get an email from one of the no-kill shelters where I had left an email message as well as a phone message,  telling me to call a lady at this phone number.  I’ve been up since just after 7:00 this morning, after not much sleep the night before, ATT has been yanking my chain for the past 7 hours and by now I’m pretty much fit to be tied, and I just know it’s one of the shelter people telling me they can take my momma kitty and kittens after I’ve already sold them down the river to the city pound (If that had actually been the case, I’d have gone ballistic).  I call the lady and, nope, they’re still at capacity and couldn’t take them.  I told her that I couldn’t afford to feed them, I’d called the pound yesterday and they’d had already come and got them.  We talked about having to make hard choices, and euthanasia being better than getting hit by a car, etc., etc.

Then about 30 minutes later I get a phone call from another lady from the same shelter who didn’t know I’d already talked to the first lady. (I can get incoming calls; I just can’t call out.) They said they could maybe work out a deal to get me food to feed her, which would have helped, but I had no safe place to keep her and the kittens. (I’ve already got a 14-year-old male who’s very territorial, a skittish 9-year-old female, and a 5-year-old, 15-pound male who’s basically a jealous little thug.) I tell her I’ve already sent momma and babies to the pound, and the babies are less than 2 weeks old and they’ll probably get snuffed. Then she proceeds to tell me, maybe not.  As I said, the city pound also has an adoption program, and this lady says the pound is always calling their shelter wanting to know if they have any kittens that need to be adopted out, and there’s a halfway decent chance that, providing the kittens are healthy, they may keep them with the momma until the kittens are old enough to adopt.  Since the momma is so friendly, maybe she’ll go up for adoption too.  No promises — but at least now I don’t feel quite as much like a rat as I did yesterday.

In the meantime, in between irate phone calls, I try to distract myself by reading the last novel Roger Zelazny wrote,  A Night In the Lonesome October with illustrations by cartoonist Gahan Wilson — whose protagonist is a dog and which has a cat, an owl, a snake, a bat, a rat, and a white crow as supporting characters.  It was a good choice, actually, as it is a very entertaining story and one I’ll want to reread.

Oh, and sometime between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., I got my services back.