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Around 5 o’clock this morning, I began hearing ominous thunder rumblings from the southwest and finally decided to get up and see if we got a side order of rain with it.  Yep. We got a nice little gully washer.  Unfortunately, one side and the top of the kitty’s box got wet and there was a pool of water in the little depression the brick had made, but I brushed it off and put a trash bag over the side the water was coming from. Bless her little kitty heart, she was inside the box with her kittens.  Hopefully not very much water dribbled in through the air holes.  The storm moved off toward the southwest and took the rain with it.

Once it was daylight, I went to check on the kitties again and give her more food. Momma kitty was not there. I only counted four kittens, but they were all in a big pile and I didn’t want to disturb them.  As I was standing up from checking, momma kitty emerged from under my front gate and came up.  I showed her the food and went back inside.  She tried to follow me into the house, and would have done if I’d let her.  That only reaffirms my suspicion she was dumped.

Since today is Labor Day, the city’s shelters are closed, which means it’ll be tomorrow before they can do anything.  I hate the idea of having the city come get them, because the city will euthanize “unadoptable” pets, but the no-kill shelters here in town are both at capacity, as is my friend who takes in strays (he’s already taking care of 35 cats).

If the city takes them, the momma may stand a chance since she’s approachable, but I don’t hold out much hope for the kittens.  As young as they are, the city will probably euthanize them.  The thought of it breaks my heart, but I don’t know what else to do.  I’d keep her and all five kittens in a New York minute if I could afford to, but I can barely afford the three I already have (all of whom are rescues).  It’s tough enough for the truly feral cats to survive, but those raised as pets and then abandoned just don’t stand much of a chance at all.  This whole situation just truly and completely sucks.