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I hadn’t planned to wash bed clothes last night, but then, I don’t think my grey kitty had planned to refund her supper on the bedspread either.  But, as anyone who has cats (or babies) knows, urp happens.

Earlier, when I had come back inside from getting down in the wind eddy of leaves and dust to fish kittens out from under my car, I stripped down, tossed those clothes in the washer and went to get the rest of the dirty clothes from the hamper to make up the load.  That was when I discovered that a bed surface urp event had occurred.

So instead of washing one load, I ended up washing three: clothes, sheets and towels, and bedspread.  I also bit the bullet and used the clothes dryer.  This being Labor Day, my native bearers have the weekend off, which would have made it  problematic to mount a jungle expedition into deepest darkest Backyardia  in search of the lost clothes line. No. I still haven’t tackled the back yard.