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Jane Fancher is the third member of Closed Circle Publications along with noted author C.J.Cherryh and author/editor Lynn Abbey.  I got to know of her through C.J.’s blog and later through her own blog.  I knew she was a talented artist, since she’s been doing cover art for C.J.’s self published ebooks on Closed Circle, but then I found out she is also an author, having written two series of books.

nw-omniforkindleI’d just gotten my first Kindle (Keyboard), and I needed some books to read on it, but at that time, her Dance of the Rings series (Ring of Lightening, Ring of Intrigue, and Ring of Destiny) was only available in “dead tree” format; however, she had another 3-book series, Netwalkers, that was in ebook format, so I downloaded them:  GroundTies, Uplink, and Harmonies of the Net.  I ended up reading all three, one right after the other, in one great marathon read over a three day period. Simply could not put them down.

wildcardsforkindleWhat artist, of any media, is ever satisfied with their work?  It’s just not in the nature of the beast.   Hindsight being 20/20, an artist inevitably sees things in a (supposedly) finished piece they wish they could have done differently, done better, not done, or should have done, and every work is part of the never-ending learning process that is what art, and life, is all about. With Closed Circle Publications, both C.J. and Jane have gotten the opportunity to get a “do-over,” to rework some of their books that they were less than pleased with.  C.J. has substantially rewritten the three books of her Rusalka trilogy, Rusalka, Chernevog and Yvgenie.

nexusforkindleJane got the “If I’d known then what I know now” opportunity to rework the Netwalkers trilogy —  as she notes, “Why new versions? Because after writing NetWalkers, [a prequel to the original trilogy] I realized I only knew the tip of the iceberg when I wrote GroundTies. These new editions are richer, more vibrant…and clearer than the original books. (I’ve learned a bit about writing in the last twenty years.) These are all at least 30% longer than the original series, and there’s not a page left unedited.”

coldfusionforkindleNow they’re the Netwalkers quartet, and they are all up for grabs here on Closed Circle: Netwalkers Omnibus, Wildcards, Nexus and Cold Fusion.   A word of explanation:  Netwalkers (Omnibus) was too long to publish as a single dead tree edition, so it was split into two books, Partners: Netwalkers Part One and Mentors and Mimetrons: Netwalkers Part Two.  If you’re buying the quartet in ebook format, Netwalkers Omnibus is the one you wantI’ve finally gotten the last two and come Monday …

Also, if you’re like me and are running out of shelf space, Jane’s Ring Dancers trilogy: Ring of Lightning, Ring of Intrigue and Ring of Destiny, is now available in ebook format here.

All of Closed Circle‘s ebooks come in your choice of mini, mobi (Kindle) or epub (Nook) formats, and all are DRM free, which is why you should buy them from Closed Circle and not from Amazon or somebody else.  They also accept PayPal.

*All Cover Artwork © 2012-2013 by Jane Fancher.