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I’m listening to one of my Rhapsody playlists (Come on and play that funky music, White Boy) as I blog you the latest news chez nous

Yesterday was barf on the carpet day.  Bright and early (7:15) the white one started the day off by hocking up a hair “ball” that was the size (and shape) of my index finger (yeah, too much information).  On my way into the kitchen after dealing with that one, I found that someone had gone all Jackson Pollock in the Liberry.  (Leave it!) Since a section of the flight path between the Liberry and the kitchen was now damp from a thorough Woolite and Febrezing, I went round to the kitchen through the living room and found another puddle of former kibbles by one of the end tables.  Finally, I made it to the office and booted up both computers so I could check mail and read blogs on one, and work on the other one, should there be any work (there was). (Welcome back, my friends …)

The day kind of got better after that.  There was work and I did what I call “playing the Rootbeer Rag,” which is what I call transcribing the little 6-minute and 16 minute, and 10 minute sound files. I don’t mind them too much because they don’t take that long and you don’t get bored with them like you tend to with the longer ones, but you have to do a whole bunch of them to make any kind of $$$ at all.  I kept finding good ones and ended up typing all night. (No fuses left ….)  Soon as I finish this post, it’s beddy bye time for yrs. trly.

Made a whopping $3.58 this time selling books on Amazon which their email informed me will be deposited in my account within the next three to five business days. (We are the Champions, My Friend)  I took a break from typing and made a new trash bag holder out of corrugated cardboard for my LitterMaid — a new improved design that is notched on the side with the front edge cut down so it goes underneath the end of the litter tray.  No more litter falling between the bag and the tray. I believe I’ve got it right this time. (We’re the Princes of the Universe).

Got my order of Flower Lady Incense (Me-Tok-Ma) and decided I wanted to make an adapter so I could use the lotus dish that I use for the “stick” incense that is molded around sticks. Flower Lady incense is pure incense, no sticks, (You Gotta Roll with it Baby) and if you have the right holder, it will burn completely leaving only ash. I made one out of a piece of bailing wire (How are you going to fix stuff with Band Aids and bailing wire without you got no bailing wire?)  that sits on a plate and holds the stick at an angle. (Straighten Up and Fly Right). I made another one that holds the stick upright, since the lotus plate is not very big and I don’t want ash all over the place.

2013_07_30-3 2013_07_30-4 2013_07_30-5This incense has a light floral/herbal scent that is not overpowering and that doesn’t beat you over the head with patchouli or such like. (Ahhh-oooh) The incense is made in Nepal with Kesar (Saffron), Tsampaka (White Champak) and Pangpoey (?) and other traditional Tibetan herbs according to the Men Ngak formula.  I have a collection of Goddess images — Danu, Arianrhod, Freya, Ceridwin, some RO icons of the BVM, a couple of Guanyin, and some prints of paintings by Susan Seddon BouletNa’ashjéii Asdzáá (Spider Woman), Ix Chel and some of her beautiful white unicorns mares.  (O Fortuna, velut luna!)  They are, of course, in the southwest corner, for proper feng shui


It’s going to be another hot one today (I dream of rain ….).  I’m going to be working a lot in the next two weeks.  Got another $200 utility bill and premiums is due on my car insurance and dental insurance.  (I got one more silver dollar ….)

The kitties like their new water fountain, which accommodates both stream drinkers and bowl drinkers.  It’s going to be a whole lot easier to keep clean.  (Take me to the river ….)


At some point, I’m going to have to get busy in the back yard. It’ll be mass herbicide, like Sherman marching to the sea. (Get up, John!) In the meantime, I’m staring down the barrel of two loads of laundry, which I can’t do until I can find the clothes line without getting lost in the woods.


All the songs I’ve reference are on this one mother playlist (191 songs) that runs the gamut from disco to waltz, to southern rock to boogie to Brit pop.  From a Boogie Woogie Choo-choo trains to the Marrakesh Express to a 455 Rocket with a Baby Driver, from a lake full of swans to a Lear Jet full of Byrds, to a sea full of whales, from Joe Cool, to Maria Caracoles, to St. Judy’s Comet, from Cupid packing heat, to Yidl with a fiddle,  from swimming to boot scooting to polkas.  Now, it’s time for this cowgirl to hit the bunkhouse.  So, tell it like it is, Freddie.