TV table on wheels, with optional cat

TV table on wheels, with optional cat

Gobi Gobotiputtitatti, alias Emperor Pu An Yu turned 14 this month.  He is the only kitty left who lived in the previous location, before I moved to my current digs 12 years ago this September.  We’ve been playing stealth fetch with the cat toy we got as a freebie in the box of kitty litter.  I toss it someplace in the house.  Eventually he finds it and brings it to me, singing the Mighty Hunter song betimes, and puts it by my chair.  He’s half Siamese (the ornery half) and half Godknows.  His four litter mates were completely black.  He was born white, with pink skin and light green eyes.   He has a splendid set of whiskers which are up to six inches long, hanging parenthetically from his nuzzle, all except one, which curves upward (see below).  In due time, it is shed, and in due time, it grows back turned upwards.  This is his wild hair.


He is the reason every wastebasket in my house has a lid on it. If it didn’t, he would turn it over and root through it looking for paper. To eat. Regular printer paper, bills, magazines, paper towels, tissues. He is an equal opportunity paper muncher.2013_03_25-3 It doesn’t matter if he’s at the other end of the house.  Such is the miracle of a cat’s hearing that just let me cut some paper with a scissors and he comes running, whining and rubbing for me to give him a piece to eat (which I don’t, because it doesn’t stay eaten. About an hour later, it invariably gets refunded on the carpet.)

When I get a tissue, I have to push the next one back down into the box, or this happens.  I have to keep the doors to the bathrooms closed.  Toilet tissue is always on the menu . . .

Being part Siamese, he has an opinion about everything, especially an empty food bowl.  He pretends to be grouchy and cantankerous, but let me sit down to watch TV and he’s either on the foot stool lying by my legs or lying beside the chair. Let me sit down at the computer, and he is underfoot, literally.  When I go to bed, I fly off to dreamland with my wingman at my side. IMG_0074

For his birthday, the kitties got a new drinking fountain. The one they had was plastic. Our water is hard as a rock and it was next to impossible to get the lime scale off that plastic one. Consequently it became more and more difficult to keep clean. This one was a bit pricey, but it’s glazed ceramic. I can run it through the dishwasher, no problem.  It’s also delightfully easy and simple to assemble and disassemble.  It has two filters, one coarse and one fine charcoal to keep the water sweet.   We like it.  We are currently having our afternoon snooze.6-2008 glunked out in the living room
Yeah, he’s an old Pu, but he’s a good ol’ Pu.