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When I sign into WordPress, I always check the “Remember me” box, but it never does.  (I think they just put it there to mess with you.)  As annoying and productive of existential angst as it is, being chronically disremembered by computers does not qualify as a reason to sing the blues.  Just to set the record straight, mind.

In the local news, at this jive transcription job I have, they are going to make me learn how to spell “Abu Dhabi” and “Addis Ababa” off the top of my head, will I, nill I. Seems like one or the other turns up about ever third sound file.  Fortunately, I am the Google Queen.  Took me three tries to turn up “Mubadala” uttered in a thick accent over a bad cellphone connection.  And today I learned all about the vicissitudes and pitfalls of international divorces from a top-gun Texas divorce lawyer.  Yee Hah.

IIt's a boyn world news, on 22 July at 4:24 p.m. GMT /10:24 a.m. Local,

It’s boy, Mrs. Windsor. It’s a boy.*

Oh, yez. Oh, yez.

Third great grandchild of HRH the Q.

I’d bet his little HRH’s guardian angel is a blond.

*Your musical allusion for this evening, provided as a public service.