p01bjbvsEvery photograph I’ve ever seen of Neil Gaiman, he’s wearing black* — black shirt, black coat/jacket, black shoes.  One might wonder if it’s an affectation, a personal statement, the only color he thinks he looks good in, he feels it makes him more recognizable in a crowd, or just what the deal is.  I was reading his public appearance schedule just now and it occurred to me:  I think he does it because it saves time and hassle. When you travel as much as this man does, if all your clothes are black, it takes no time to pack.  No outfit planning, no mixing and matching.  You just pack the right number of everything, and off you go.  It makes life on the road so much easier when whatever you reach into your luggage and come up with is going to match everything else that is in your luggage. It’s also practical.  Black does not show stains so much as other colors do, and accidents will happen.  Of course, it helps if you look good in black, which he does.

*Except those where he’s in a tux.