tumblr_moaei3GsiZ1qzozjoo1_500_zpsedaab1b5Last week, Amanda F. Palmer, AKA Mrs. Neil Gaiman, wrote a song which has, as far as I know, been performed only twice, and has not as yet been recorded.  She mentioned that one of the lines in the chorus is, “I am bigger on the inside” and remarks on it’s allusion to the TARDIS of Dr. Who fame.  At the song’s second outing in Milwaukee, “a boy asked me to write the chorus lyrics on his chest. the next day, he sent me this picture. he’d had them tattooed.”

The thing that broke my heart about reading her post is that “I am bigger on the inside” is true of everybody, but that so few people actually “get” that about themselves. How sad it is to think how many people live their whole lives with no idea that they contain so much undiscovered country.