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. . . at my house.  Mom said she had broken sycamore branches all over the back yard and that this one big branch on their old redbud tree was broken off.  And, of course, leaves and twigs were plastered everywhere.  The couple that live across the street from her are always doing things to help my mom out — putting boxes in the attic for her, hanging Christmas lights, moving furniture, etc.  The people that deliver the newspapers just toss them into the yard as they drive down the street, and every morning, when the lady goes out to get their paper, she goes over and picks mom’s newspaper up out of the yard and puts it on the front porch for her.    They came over Thursday and he brought his chain saw. They cleared away the branches in the yard so she could get to the back and side gates and he cut them up and made neat piles.  The big redbud branch fell partly on the fence when it broke and knocked one of the pickets loose.

The fence came with the house, which was built in 1961, and really needs to be replaced, but mom has been resisting it for a couple of years now.   We get these “squall lines” of thunderstorms out here  which produce strong wind gusts and microbursts that blow fences down, tip sheds over, chew up the trees, pull porch and patio roofs off, that kind of stuff.  I hope she springs for one of those fences that has concrete foundations and fence posts made of metal pipe.  They pour a concrete footing all along the fence line and set the fence posts into it.  Then they bolt wooden 2 x 4 cross pieces to the fence poles with carriage bolts, and screw the wooden pickets to the cross pieces.  If those kind of fences blow down, your house has probably blown down too.

I edited a bunch of clips of my “damage” together so I could play around with this AVS Video editor program.  A couple of years ago, I got in on a deal that if you bought one AVS program at around $50, you could download as many as you want of their other programs for free.  I use their photo editor, too, sometimes, and I have their image converter and document converter.  Anyway, I’ve been putting together a video for some friends, with pictures of their cats and videos clips of their new kittens.  The AVS video editor is pretty intuitive to operate and gives you the capability of doing voice over narration (if you have a mike), and lets you add a sound track.  You can edit video clips, but you can also edit the soundtrack as well, and it has various types of lettering for titles and captions, as well as special effects, and different types of transitions.  It also lets you load photos and make a slide show of them.   It’s a pretty basic, bare bones program.  If it was a car, it would be one of those old stick shift, VW beetles. No frills, no power, but it gets you where you want to go.

Here’s the video I put together:

You can see that my yard is full of those $%$#@&*(^! “tree of heaven” seedlings from the next door neighbor’s tree.  While I was making videos, I made this one:

Ordinarily, I would have no interest at all in having a YouTube account, but the only way I can get my videos into my blog is to upload them to YouTube and then ‘Add media by URL’ to get them into WordPress.

I made a loaf of white bread in the bread machine tonight. I could smell it rising and baking clear back into the office.  Man, if you’re going to stink up a house, that’s the way to do it.