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Whoever that yahoo was at Best Buy who told me that wireless mice wouldn’t work with a KVM switch was full of prunes. The one I ordered arrived and I hooked the little rascal up with the wireless thingie plugged into the KVM switch and it works just fine.  This bodes well for a wireless keyboard whenever the present one gives up the ghost.

My plea to the weather gods apparently did not fall on deaf ears.  About 9:30 p.m. yesterday evening, this came barreling down on us:


We got quite a thunderboomer out of it, in addition to some gusty wind and lashings of rain. For a while it sounded like somebody was squirting the windows with a hose(pipe).  The lights flickered periodically all evening.  I have both ‘puters hooked into surge-protector/battery backup units, so if the power does go off, I can shut the ‘puter down safely on battery power.  About midnight last night, we looked like this, with thunder rumbling in the background:



This was our first good rain in months.  Hope we get some more, please!

In other news, the Kitties’ poop box cratered yesterday, 15 days from being out of warranty, which means I’ve had it less than a year.  I mean to call later this morning and raise Cain about it with the Litter Maid people.   The rake bar hangs up and just sits there racing the motor and ratcheting.

When I opened the new box of cat litter yesterday, there was a cat toy in it.  Brand new.  Still clipped to the card.  No indication on the box that there was supposed to be a free cat toy inside.   Well received by the resident kitties, however, and adjudged suitable for cat hockey. The brand of kitty litter we favor comes in a lightweight brand now — same amount of litter as a 40 lb box, but it weighs just 28 lbs.  I may need to start using that.   Somebody makes a big clump(s) that is too heavy for the rake to shift.  It tries five times to shift it, then stops for a couple of hours, then tries five more times, and stops for a couple of hours, etc., until I hear it and get up and fix it. This is probably causing the motor to wear out much quicker.   It will be interesting to see if it has the same problem with the lightweight litter.

I’m listening to Radio Ultimae internet radio station (out of Lyons, France) at the moment.  A while ago, I heard some music I liked by a dude (Darrell Burgan) who records under the name of  “Palencar.”  I was delighted to find out that most of his recordings are available for free download under Creative Commons.  A bunch of them, as well as other music in a similar vein can be downloaded here and here.  I note with interest that he created the StillStream internet radio stationl, which is one of my favorites (except when they have a program with a live DJ.).  Earth Mantra and Darkwinter have other artists besides Palencar.

I’m in the process of downloading everything Earth Mantra has on their website.  Then, I’ll download the whole Darkwinter catalog, then I’ll go through it all and delete what I don’t care for and make playlists directly on WMP or Winamp and download them to my Sanza Fuze+.

Buying the Sanza Fuze+ was money well spent.  That little MP3 player has been a real workhorse.  It has the capacity to take a chip that gives it additional memory.  I bought a032GB chip at the time I bought the 8 GB Fuze+, which gives me about 39 GB of usable memory — which is a lot of music. The Fuze+ doesn’t get along as well with Rhapsody as I wish it did, but I suspect that may be Rhapsody’s fault.  However, Rhapsody reads the player and the chip as two separate storage areas, so if you had more than one chip, you could load each one with the music you want.  The Fuze+ is supposed to be compatible with Windows Media Player and Winamp, both of which I have, but in order to use Rhapsody music on either of those platforms, I have to download it to my computer first, and I have to log in to Rhapsody and connect the Fuze+ to it at least once a month to update the track licenses of any music I’ve downloaded to computer and Fuze+.

Theres just a cloud icon on the weather widget for today, with a predicted high of only 75F/24C.  But tomorrow and Saturday have thunderstorm icons.  Hopefully, we’ll get some more rain out of this week.  Please!