When you, dear readers, comment on my blog, WordPress logs your IP address as well as your associated website and email address.   I have access to this through the “Comments” function on WordPress’ Dashboard where I approve the comments.  Periodically, I sort through comments that have been caught in the spam trap and clear them out.  Today, I noted I had trapped four.  Just for grins, I decided to see if I could find out where their IP addresses were located.  A quick google found a bunch of websites that purport to give the geographical location of an IP address; I picked a likely one.  Judging from the results, I seem to be very popular with the former Soviet Union at the moment.  Out of the four, two IP addresses were located in Russia, one was located in Kiev, Ukraine, and one was located in the Empire State Building, of all places.

The kitties got an unexpected treat yesterday afternoon.  I made tuna salad, and they got their cut:  A teaspoonful of tuna apiece.  I am of two minds about giving the kitties something that has enough mercury in it that pregnant human women and young children are advised against eating it more than a time or two a month.   But then again, I rarely eat it more than once in a month, and sometimes go several months without eating any.  They only get it when I do.

I have a problem finding small white onions.  Usually the loose ones in stores are about tennis ball size (about 10 inches/25.4 cm in circumference), but I’d rather they be smaller than that.   I want an onion small enough that  a whole one is enough to make a bowl of tuna salad.  The onion I used this time was so large that I made a bowl of tuna salad and a bowl of beet salad, and I still had onion left over.

I have a 1970’s era harvest gold refrigerator that came with the place (I rent). — At the time it was made, stick butter/margarine was all you could get, and refrigerators came with a little hopper at the top of the door designed to hold stick butter in a butter dish.  Most people nowadays use “tub” butter/margarine, so they’ve stopped putting this feature in refrigerators, or else they designate it as a “cheese keeper.”  My refrigerator has two such areas (“Dairy” and “Utility”) across the top of the door, with little hoods that raise up.  That’s where I keep my onions.  They keep well there, for months and months.   There’s method to this madness of keeping onions in the refrigerator.  Cutting up a cold onion does not make you cry.  (Also, did you know that rubbing a piece of stainless steel over your skin under running water will remove the onion smell from your hands?  A stainless steel knife blade works for this, but companies also make “stainless steel soap” — stainless steel shaped like a bar of soap — for this purpose.  Works for garlic, too. )

I’ve mentioned the M&M’s thing I do. I line them up by color and start eating the color I have the most of until I have the same number of every color, then I eat one of each color until they’re all gone.   Now I have a Reese’s Pieces thing.  I eat all the yellows two at a time until there aren’t any more.  Then all the browns, two at a time, then all the orange ones, two at a time.  There are by far more orange Reese’s Pieces than yellow or brown ones combined.  It’s not OCD.  I don’t have to do it that way. Dire things will not befall if I don’t do it that way.  I just do because I can.  I’ve discovered I like Reese’s Pieces a lot more than I like M&M’s.

We hit 100F/37.78C today.  Supposed to be a cool front coming through tomorrow and Sunday, bringing temps back down into the mid 80’sF/30’sC.  I should get out and work in the yard.  JF sent grape hyacinth bulbs that need to be planted, and watered, along with everything else.  I’ve got beds to clean up and mulch to put down.