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Couldn’t resist this.  I love the last shot where the camel is walking toward the camera.  Camels walk funny!  And a bit of camel trivia, you’ll notice the camel walks by moving both legs on one side then both legs on the other side, instead of opposite front and back legs.   Camels are one of the only three species that walk this way.  The other two are giraffes and felines — not just house cats, but lions, tigers, etc.  I thought it was brilliant of Henry Mancini to have that little “da-DUM da-DUM” rhythmic motif throughout the initial melody of his Pink Panther theme.  It’s the rhythm of a walking feline, pink or otherwise. Watch a cat walk.  If it’s walking at the right speed, the music fits perfectly.

2013_05_29-3Earlier, I got some of that  Oscar Mayer “Cutting Board” chicken, cut it up into small chunks, and added some chopped celery, sliced black olives and some mayonnaise. (I suppose you could call it chicken salad.)  Then I put it in a flour tortilla and made a wrap.  Made two, actually.  Rather tasty if I say so myself.2013_05_29-4

When you’re making a wrap using a tortilla, it’s very important to gage the amount of fill you put in.  You could use a bit more than I’ve got here, but I’d already made two wraps from this batch of filling, and I had too much for one wrap and barely enough for two.

2013_05_29-5Wraps typically use the standard “burrito” fold (the burrito is the original wrap).  When you’re using the burrito fold, it’s important to turn up a bottom “flap” as the first fold.   This keeps the filling from squirting out the end when you bite it. Then you fold the sides over, and there you are.




I added some sliced peaches, a container of cherry yogurt, and some iced tea, for a very nice lunch.