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Shortly after I got up this afternoon (I read in bed a long time), I looked over at the bed:  The black kitty was sleeping at the foot of my side, the grey one was sleeping by my pillow where my dear Jett used to sleep, and the white one was atop the nightstand on “their” side.  My first thought was how they’d made a spectrum from black to white.  My  second thought was “my posse.”

Having come into some discretionary funds* recently, I got on line in search of a particular item of feminine apparel, finally hunted down three I liked and purchased same, as well as a DVD of “Jason and the Argonauts.” (rather odd combination, I must admit . . .)   A significant portion of those articles on hand were aging out of the workforce after a decade and a half of service.  I have some rather strong opinions on the subject of said items of clothing (harnesses are for horses), but I bow to social convention and wear them when I leave the house, so they don’t get a lot of wear. Also, they do provide someplace close to my ears in which to secrete my MP3 player about my person.

Speaking of which, my Sansa Fuze+ and Rhapsody were being snitty with each other to the point that I ended up having to reformat the Sansa Fuze+, which, of course, wiped off all my music, so I’m now in the process of putting everything back on it — 30GB’s worth.   A slow and laborious process.  I have to transfer a playlist and then wait for it to get there.  Most of my playlists are quite long.  I think the shortest is 26 songs, and 200+ songs for the longer ones.  My “Smooth Jazz Instrumental” is 245 songs.  Like I say, I’ve got 30 GB to play with.

I’m almost done with my reread of C. J. Cherryh’s Chanur series.  I’m on book 5, the last book.  Real page turners, the lot of them. My advice is read the series in order, and don’t start reading it until you have the time to gulp whole books down in one or two sittings, because they are very engrossing and very hard to put down.  I love the Knnn.

This week I’m taking part in one of those Arbitron surveys about my radio listening habits.  Boy, am I going to skew the statistics.  I do not fit the demographic at all.  I am, you might say, a statistical way-outlier.  I am going to make a point of indicating that the reason I do not listen to AM or FM is that there’s too much yacking and not enough music, and when they do play music, it’s not the kind of music I like.  That’s why I listen to internet radio. You pick the right ones and it’s nothing but music.  Just music.  Also, internet radio can be very genre specific, and you can zero in on “your” kind of music.  If you are not familiar with internet radio, you might like to check it out.  This site is a very comprehensive list of internet radio stations by genre.

Gotta go get my driver’s license renewed Monday, seeing as how it expires Tuesday. I’m dreading it.  I’ll have to drive all the way downtown and it’ll probably take hours of standing in lines waiting.  I’ll pack a book.  Or knitting.

Finally switched from heater to AC on Wednesday.  I was wearing a tee-shirt and unmentionables and was feeling decidedly warm.  Got up and checked the thermostat.  It was 81F/27C in the house  —  80F is where the AC thermostat is set (the heater is set at 68F/20C).  Once it gets colder than 68F inside during the day, I switch to the heater.  Once it gets hotter than 80F inside, I switch over to the AC. We had a high of 100F/37.7C today.  Once I’ve turned the AC on, I quit using the clothes dryer, start using fabric softener, and hang the clothes on the line, and every ceiling fan in the house is on except the one in the “liberry.”  I try to confine any oven or stove use to the evening.  Every time my AC unit comes on, my electric meter spins like a top.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had a cool, wet summer?  Or at least a wet summer.  Current humidity is 16%.  Sigh.

I’ve got a coupon for a free Rooty Tooty Fresh’N’Fruity meal at IHOP.  They’re open 24/7.  I may just head on down there in a while . . . after I’ve taken a piece of packing tape and gotten most of the cat hair off my teeshirt. 

*Money left over after I’ve bought all the things I have to buy, like electricity, a roof over my head for another month, groceries, cat supplies, etc.