On her Live Journal blog post for today, Rolanni (AKA Sharon Lee, co-perpetrator of the Liaden books) had a link to another LJ blog post that raised some very interesting questions about pockets, specifically the dearth thereof, in women’s clothes and autonomy, which you can read here, with a followup post here.

I find this discussion very interesting in terms of our culture and what this female sartorial pocketlessness says about it. (Yes, Virginia, there is a patriarchy.)  You might argue that women’s clothes don’t need pockets because they carry purses, but one could also argue that they have to carry purses because their clothes are made without pockets. (And we could cloud the issue by mentioning the so-called “man-purse” AKA “messenger bag,” and speculate as to whether both sexes of the backpack generation — with girls carrying them in lieu of a purse — will carry this habit into adulthood and beyond.)

Relevant to the discussion of clothing and autonomy, see also panniers, bustles, corsets, crinolines, foot binding, burqas, et al.