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Made a double dose of biscuits this morning and started the bread machine working on a loaf of rosemary white without the rosemary. (Tried it with, like it better without.  Rosemary is not one of my favorite spices.)  Used my new rolling pin for the first time.  Helped me get a much more uniform thickness.  A bunch of the biscuits turned out kind of ovoid instead of circular.  Happened when I squiggled the biscuit cutter to push aside the dough so I could lift the biscuit out and put it on the baking sheet.  Despite their oval shape, however, they tasted just fine.  I can go from Bisquick to baking sheet in about 30 minutes, and have the bowl, measuring things, and the glass cutting board washed up during the 9 minutes it takes them to bake.  I made a pitcher of tea also, while I was at it.

Baking made a nice, if brief change from working all night.  Again.  Started about 8 pm, and did 51 minutes.  Took me all night.  However, I got some great dictation.  Beautiful, crystal clear sound files and great dictators.  My hands are killing me now, of course, just this gently throbbing ache in every joint. My wrists are not happy with me either, especially the left one.  In a while, I’ve got to put “outside” clothes on and go to Lowe’s or Home Depot or whatever that store is next to the branch of my bank in the big building with all the marble, bronzes and paintings.  I need one of those little latches with the slide to put on the bottom of my little computer table to keep the table from tilting when I don’t want it to.  The other day, the grey one jumped up on it, it tilted and dumped everything in my lap– including a wildly scrambling cat.

Also, while I’m at the home store, I need to get two pieces of wood 2″ x 2-3/4″ x 17″ so I can put  the keyboard tray from my old, now defunct, monstrous computer desk underneath this desk, to remedy the reason my wrists are hurting.  This table is too high for sustained typing.  It puts my wrists at a bad angle and, since you use your left hand more than your right when you’re typing, that one hurts worst.   I saved the old keyboard tray and hardware, and it’s just a matter of getting the two pieces of wood the requisite size, gluing and screwing them to the underside of the desk and attaching the keyboard tray to them.  The tray is pretty heavy, so I’ve got some little metal shelf brackets to use as braces and extra attachment.  I bet I’ll have to buy a whole 2 x 4 when all I want is 34″ of one, but they’ll cut it for me for free. The keyboard tray will put my wrists at a much better angle.  Since I’m going to have to type like the dickens this week so I can pay my electric bill week after next (they pay Paypal on Mondays, and it takes Paypal til Friday to get it to my bank account), I need to get the keyboard tray on today.

One thing that messes up my sleep schedule (besides working all night) is Coca Cola.  Caffeine is a mild analgesic, and Coke has lots of it. Between Coke and acetaminophen, I can get by.  I have to work. I wouldn’t be able to stay afloat otherwise.  Once I get the keyboard tray on, I’ll shower, wash my hair, wash a load of sheets, and crash out once I’ve remade the bed and my hair dries.

IMG_0886It’s the hairball season again.  The white one gets such mats and he won’t let me cut them, and he won’t let me brush him.  Now and again, I find “artifacts” on the carpet — either he’s worked a mat loose himself or else he was tussling with one of the others and they’ve gotten a tooth hung — and I hear this gawdawful yowl from off in the house.  Poor little man.  It costs upwards of $350 to get him a “lion cut” because they have to sedate him, which means it has to be done at the vet.  I wish I had that kind of money.  Life would be a lot easier for both of us if I did.  He’ll turn 14 this July.  During the hairball season, I can count on at least one hairball a day from him, usually about the time I could sleep another hour before the alarm goes off.  Most of the time he remembers to jump down off the bed first.  If not, me bolting awake, flailing wildly to make sure he’s not on the bed, reminds him. Never a dull moment.3-2007 ol baldy chows down

It was 90F/32C yesterday.  Pretty soon now, I’m going to have to change over to air conditioning.  I’m waiting until the thermostat in the hallway reads 81F/27C.  Since I’ve taken the blanket off my bed and have only a sheet and spread on it, tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 46F/8C with an overnight low of 29F/-2C and the weather widget has a snow icon.  Then back up into the 70’sF/20’sC for the weekend.

Well, that’s it.  I’ve lollygaged and goofed off quite enough for the nonce.  Off to the home store.