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Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve been trying to get “Stairway to Heaven” out of my head, which was almost macbre in view of what happened. I suppose it’s an improvement over this one, which I’ve had in my head for days now.  It’s an old Eddie Cantor song:

Not that I have anything against Annie Lennox.  I actually love her music.  She’s a fabulous singer — she was the voice of the ’80’s group The Eurythmics (who cannily exploited MTV’s new music video format to gain international exposure).

–and she does have a gorgeous voice– but she’s also a fabulous songwriter.  She  the lyrics and/or music for many of the Eurythmics’ songs.  However, she and Dave Stewart disbanded the Eurythmics and she struck out on a solo career.  I think my favorite of her solo albums is “Diva” which is the album these are from:

My most favorite song from that album:

And my most favorite video from that album:

This one is from her album “Bare” with its beautiful lyrics.

This one is from “Songs of Mass Destruction,” and has commentary. You can find the song without commentary here:

And one of my favorites from that same album:

You may recognize the film references in this one:

And in this one:

The k.d. lang cover of this classic Leonard Cohen song was featured in another blog, and here’s Annie Lennox’s version:

And “hallelujah” is a good way to end a post on this day after Easter, and the first day of April.