. . .Which is Wednesday, the middle of the work week.  If you make it to the end of Wednesday, you are “over the hump” and from there, it’s “all down hill” to the weekend.  Yesterday, I made a double batch of biscuits, tried using a bottle for a rolling pin, and decided I need to get a rolling pin, instead of flattening out the dough with my hands.  The hard decision was, do I get one that is simply just a wooden dowel, or get the kind with handles?  Handles won.  I also made a loaf of rosemary bread with rosemary.  I think I like it better without. I think I’m also going to get a bread slicer guide.  Next month.

I’m also in the middle of washing two loads of clothes — Right now I need to take the load in the washer and put it in the dryer.

It’s later and I should have taken my bath before I washed the load of sheets and towels, but didn’t.  Instead, I had some biscuits and yogurt and read my blogs.   Now the clothes are dry, and I need to make the bed.  But I really need to wash my hair.  Guess I’ll go do that and then make the bed.

I started my circular shawl in the two shades of teal.  These pictures don’t do the color justice.   The pictures look way more blue than the actual colors are.

IMG_0874 IMG_0876
dark teal

Light teal





These swatches are more what the colors look like.    Once I get to a certain point, I’ll have to finish my baby circular blanket because I’ll need those needles to go any further.