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If you’ve never heard of the Liaden Universe or Clan Korval,  or if you haven’t read Sharon Lee’s and Steve Miller’s Agent of Change — the book that started the ball rolling — but you like space opera, action, adventure, great world building, and well-rounded and original characters, boy, did you luck out!   You can now download Agent of Change  for free from the Baen website here — it’s available in every e-reader format known to man — just take your pick.  Even if you don’t have an e-reader, you can still read it on your computer.  PC versions of  Kindle e-reader software as well as software for the other e-readers are available on their respective websites as free downloads.  Here’s your entrée into the Liaden Universe on a silver platter.  And not to worry, if you like this one, there a lot more where it came from.