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I went to the eye guy Friday, and he said my eye looked 100% better.  I’ll still be doing the David Bowie number (one pupil widely dilated) for another approximately 7 days, but I’m to stop the atropine, and start tapering the steroids and discontinue them completely in 10 days.  At least I know the tear duct in that eye is open because the steroid drops taste yucky when they drain out.

I talked to the guy at the consignment store.  Unless I can come up with some people with a pickup willing to take my roll-top desk to the store, It’ll cost $45 to get it hauled there, and the consignment guy gets half the selling price, so If I sell it for $250, then I only get $80 out of it.  Still, the consignment guy says people are always looking for desks, which is somewhat baffling since I haven’t gotten a single call on my add on Craigslist.

I’ve been listening to an “ambient” internet radio station called “Mixing of Particulate Solids” which is out of Bratislava, Slovakia.  It has three channels, two of which I find interesting.  I picked up another station called “Dark Ambient Radio” out of Hamburg, Germany, that is also interesting, but it only has 50 listener slots, so it drops out from time to time.  Apparently MOPS doesn’t have that many listener slots either, because I lose it from time to time also.  Still, variety is nice.  “Sleepbot” is a station out of San Francisco which has lovely, soft, dreamy music to sleep to; it’s more melodic and pleasant sounding music, as you might surmise from the name of the station.

I just discovered a new internet radio station “service” which lists internet radio stations by genre.  It’s called Internet Radio Guide, oddly enough — And I was able to reconnect to the BlueMars internet radio channels through it!! (Also discovered BlueMars is in France, possibly Lyon.)  In order to use the Internet Radio Guide website, you have to set up a free account, but then you can find radio stations by genre, or country, and stream them through the Internet Radio Guide website, or through Windows Media Player, or a Shoutcast compatible player such as Winamp.

Now, If I could just figure out a way to add these stations to my Squeezebox internet radio player, I’d be a very happy camper indeed.

While I was out Friday, I also stopped by Home Depot to the tune of $58 for some 3/4-inch plywood, screws, a paint roller, a paint roller pan, and paint.  I already had some hinges that would work.  I’ve had the devil of a time finding a plastic under the bed storage box to use for my Littermaid modification, so I bit the bullet and got them to cut me the requisite pieces to make the box out of plywood.  I’ve gotten it to the point where I’ve painted it and it’s drying.  I’ll paint the inside, and then set it up.  I’ll do a post on it when I’ve gotten everything done and set up.