There’s the expression “down in the mouth,” which kind of applies to the current situation, except it’s the wrong body part.  What I’m down in, actually, is the right eye.  Saturday evening, all was hunky dory.  Sunday morning, I wake up, and my right eye is definitely unhappy — bloodshot, slightly gooey, and painful to move about in certain directions.  My first thought was, “You’ve got a jolly case of pinkeye in your starboard peeper, ducks,” and stringent hygiene measures were put into force immediately with a view to confining it to the one eye (good luck).  Bright and early on Monday I’d be on the phone to the VA folks to see if I could get an appointment with the eye guy sometime this decade or else go camp out in the specialty clinic waiting area.  Well, of course, when I got up Monday, we’d had a weather event during the night and I wouldn’t have ventured out on the streets unless it was in an M1 Abrams. I called and left a message, and emailed, and succeeded in getting a “squeeze you in” appointment at 1 p.m. Tuesday.  By then, almost all the snow had melted and the streets were clear.

I got in to see the eye guy and it was a good news/bad news situation.  The good news was it wasn’t conjunctivitis.  The sort of bad news was that it was a noncontageous uveitis.  According to the eye guy, one of the causes is getting hit in the eye, which could have been caused by a kitty jumping on me, but I think that would have awakened me.  However, he said about 70% of this kind of uveitis is of unknown cause.  The upshot?  Two bottles of eye drops, one of atropine twice a day to dilate (relax) the iris, and the other a steroid drop every two hours (while awake) to knock down the inflammation.  I go back on Friday for him to check my progress.  Time for another dose of steroid drops now.   More later.