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I’m ramping up to my big office redo, after which I’ll have to do a big living room rearrange — It’s one of those ‘change one thing and you have to rearrange the whole house’ deals.  Need to get it done by Chinese New Year.  Good feng shui to start the new year with a clean house.  I need to call a friend and see if he can help me move a big CRT TV and the armoire it goes in, and maybe one other piece, and help me cut up this honking great computer desk and cart it out to the dumpster.    The TV won’t be all that hard — I have this little TV table on casters that the cats use.  We can just pull the TV out onto it, roll it into the other room, move the armoire, and then just slide the TV back into it.  The trick is to get everything measured and planned out, so you know everything will fit where you want to put it. Then you have to work out how to work your way around the room, clearing a space, then cleaning it, then moving in the furniture that will go there. Then just do it.  If I take things systematically, I might be able to get the whole house done in a week.  Gonna be a massive undertaking.  I need to be gathering things for a garage sale as I go, thinning the herd. . . Gonna need to make sure I have enough trash bags.  Gonna have to get after it next week to be done by February 2nd.

I finally got my days and nights sorted back out, getting up at 9 a.m. and going to bed at a reasonable hour, but I’m starting to slip again.  Such a bother having to make myself stay on day shift, when I’m really a night WOL.

The grey one always seems to know when I’m done reading the blogs and comics I follow, and start writing on my own blog and in she comes, hopping up on my chair.  She has this little song and dance she has to do before she settles down, which usually entails walking about on my superstructure, curling up on one shoulder, then getting up and settling on the other shoulder, then walking about some more.  Lately, this has also included a little digging.  She’s finally settled now, snoozing away with her head on my left forearm — the one that doesn’t jiggle so much when I type or reach for my mouse. . . She’s such a funny girl. . . .

It’s been a little warmer these past couple of days.  I’ve heard tell of Schnook winds further north. Maybe the weather is going to light up on us for a while.