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I don’t want to storm your castle,
I don’t want to rule your days,
Don’t want to take possession
Till one of us dies.

I’m not about forever,
I’m just about right now.
Not a happily ever after,
Just a pleasant interlude.
Just a moment’s indiscretion,
Not a life of servitude.

Don’t have to take me home to mama
Or even tell your friends.
I’m no sinks of dirty dishes
Just one extra glass to wash.
Won’t forget to cap the toothpaste
Leave my clothes upon the floor.
I won’t be getting old and fat and bald
While you lose your figure and wrinkle and sag;
I’ll always be Charming, Aladdin, your Darcy,
And you’ll be this young and beautiful forever.

I won’t steal the silver.
I won’t steal your heart.
I won’t leave you holding the bag.
No ties that bind, no ball and chain,
Just a jewel of a memory,
Precious and bright.

I’ll be yours while I’m with you.
I’ll be gone when you wake.
No fixing me breakfast, no awkward goodbyes,
No empty promises, deceptions or lies.
Just a night of abandon to recall with a smile.
No matter what happens with the rest of our lives.