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I’m sitting here at the computer with the black cat between my shins and the grey one curled up on my ‘décolletage.‘ I’m done reading the blogs, comics and webcomics I follow, and now I’m blogging.  The grey one is lying with her front paws lapped over my right upper arm and the tip of her tail is tapping in an annoyed fashion on the keyboard between my hands as I type, because I’m typing, and when I’m typing I jiggle her.  But what really ticks her off is when I reach for the mouse.   (Whumpity bumpity, whumpty thumpty, whump bumpity. . . . )

Today’s earworm comes courtesy of the incomparable Peggy Lee.  A catchy little number called, “The Lady Is A Tramp*.”  I have her version of it on a jazz playlist on Rhapsody, but I couldn’t find her singing it on YouTube, so you’ll have to settle for Ella Fitzgerald singing it.  Yeah.  I know.  Bummer.   But the bright side is, she sings the intro, which I hadn’t heard before.

IMG_0687(Speaking of bummers, the grey one, tired of being jiggled, has changed her tack and is now lying with her head to the left.  My left arm doesn’t move as much when I’m typing.  Only now, I tend to catch her tail in between my right thumb and the space bar.  It’s always something. . . )

So back to today’s earworm:

I managed to wash a load of clothes Wednesday, but they sat in the dryer til yesterday when I got them out and hung up the things that go on hangers.  Now I’ve got a pile of assorted underwears and socks on top of the washer, and a couple of teeshirts hanging over the side of the clothes basket, which is on top of the washer.  It’s not like they’ll run off. . . . (Whumpity bumpty thumpity, whumpty bumpty, whumpity thump. . . .)  I really need to do a load of sheets and towels.  Whether I will or not remains to be seen.  I only have one set of working sheets.   That’s so if I can get them off the bed and into the washing machine, I’ll have to dry them and put them back on the bed before bedtime.  (I do actually have another set of sheets, but they’re still in the wrapper. . . . Have you priced queen sized sheets lately?!)

I will have to wash my hair sometime today, at least three hours before I go to bed, because that’s how long it takes my hair to dry in the air.   I do not use a blow dryer on my hair unless I have absolutely no other choice, and I’ve got to wash my hair before tomorrow, as I have to daddy-sit tomorrow morning. (Brumpity whump bumbity thump. . . )

I also need to start a loaf of bread in the bread machine, and make a batch of biscuits.  The bread might actually get made, as I bought bacon this time, and I keep hearing the siren song of a bacon and tomato sandwich on rosemary bread (without the rosemary) . . . .  Actually, if I get to the biscuit making, I can set out some butter and yeast to warm to room temperature while I’m biscuiting, and make a loaf of white bread. . .

9-2008 The new office setupI’ve been plotting an office reconfigure in my mind, trying to work out where to put everything.  It entails getting rid of this honking great computer desk that I really no longer need — I’ll have to cut it into pieces with a reciprocating saw and haul it to the dumpster piecemeal because (a) it weighs a ton and (b) I can’t even get it out of the room in one piece — it won’t make the corner from the room to the hallway (Whumpity thumpity bumpty whump. . .). (I will probably salvage the two-drawer hanging file cabinet part.  I also want to see if I can’t MacGyver the keyboard tray to the underside of the table I plan to use for a desk.) I’ve decided I will sell my roll-top desk also.  I’m just using it for storage now– it’s just a matter of taking pictures of it and listing it in the local Thrifty Nickel.  I may also put it on Craig’s List, but I have mixed feelings about that, considering what else has been advertised on Craig’s List. . . .  Without the roll-top desk and this honking great computer desk, there’ll be a lot more room in my office — room to set up a sewing/craft table and to set up a reading nook with a side table and a lamp, and my little rolling laptop table.  (Bumpity whumpty bumpty thump. . . ) I have a nice side table with spool-turned legs which is currently in the “liberry” that will do nicely and a surplus lamp in the living room.

My mom called just now, and kitties bailed out in all directions, which is OK.  I need to get up anyway and get cracking. . . .


* “tramp” as in “hobo;” we don’t know quite enough about her to be able to tell if the more derrogatory meaning also applies.