Now and again, I run across interesting music.  I find lately I listen to music that doesn’t have singing or lyrics (like Blue Mars and SomaFM’s Drone Zone), but that’s because I’m usually doing something that lyrics would interfere with, like reading or writing.  If I was more into crafting, as I have been in the past, and may be in the future — these things seem to come in cycles and I might be ready for another craft cycle — making things with hands, activities  that don’t involve words, that would allow the language part of my brain free reign to listen to the lyrics, I’d be back into music with singing and lyrics.  At one point, I was on a jigsaw puzzle kick — the 1000 piece kind with lovely pictures (some of which I framed) — the kind they don’t seem to make any more — and I would listen endlessly to Tingstad and Rumbel; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Altan; Clannad; as I pieced the puzzle together.  When I’m doing “hand-eye” things like crafting, knitting, working puzzles, crochetting, I can take that “language” part of my mind out of gear and let it freewheel into a song with lyrics.

I follow a blog called “Surviving the World” and the blog’s author, Dante Shephard (who also happens to hold a Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell University and teaches same) posted his top ten albums of the year, none of which I’ve ever heard of, by people I’ve never heard of, — but I’m game.  No problem to boot up Rhapsody and see if these albums are in their library, and give them a listen.   Here are a couple of songs that struck me as interesting.

This is by “First Aid Kit,’s” song called “Emmylou” from their album called “The Lion’s Roar” — two sisters from Stockholm, Sweden, of all places.

This one is by a group called “Lord Huron” from their album “Lonesome Dreams,” and is called “Ghost on the Shore.”  I like the different instruments they use, and their arrangements.

and another cut, “Brother,” from the same album.

This one, “Deer Creek Canyon” by Sera Cahoone, was a delightful surprise.  She has a nice voice, and the simple, lean accompaniment is just right for the song.

Right now, I’m listening to a playlist of Lisa Gerrard’s cuts from Dead Can Dance (Brendan Perry I can do without.  He sounds too much like Jim Morrison of The Doors, who I can’t stand, and I don’t care for Perry’s lyrics either.  Sorry. ) .  I did mention my taste in music is somewhat eclectic.

And today’s serendoogle is “Amélie-les-crayons” with “Lai maigrelette” — I love her arrangements.

and this one called “La Valse du Danseur de Lune”

So now I have a Rhapsody playlist called “Amélie-les-crayons.”  With my half-forgotten high-school French, I can make out about a third of the lyrics, but ça ne me fait rien. It’s not about the lyrics anyway. She has a nice voice and I like the music.