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My dad turned 90 this year.  He’s almost blind and mostly deaf, and fragile and frail. And I’m at that time in his life and mine when I wonder if this will be the last. . . Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Birthday, and a thousand other important things that happen.  Will this be the last time this happens to the two of us, both of us, together?

In honor of the season and right now, here’s a double slug of Judy Collins.  Each song reminds me of a man in my life, one who let me down and one who never has.  I think you can tell which is which.  The first one is my most favorite of her songs ever, and it still tears me to pieces just like it did the first time I heard it back in the 1970s, when it first came out.  Especially now.

And this one, which is also about life, and love, and about snow, and how complete strangers can be kinder than lovers.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Photo © 2011 Kathe at Hillside Cottage

Glastonbury in the Snow, Photo © 2011 Kathe at Hillside Cottage