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I’ve only got one more snowflake left to crochet, then I’ll stiffen the last three.  I sprinkled on some iridescent embossing powder on a test one while the Stiffy was still wet (I was afraid it would look cheesy), and it actually was quite a subtle effect.  You could use the extra fine glitter, but Michael’s didn’t have any in the color I wanted, so I went with the embossing powder.  I liked it so much I’ll do all of them that way.  Right now, I’m taking a pause for the cause, to let the finger I poke all the time with the crochet hook rest up, and to get some lunch on board.  (Sandwich and a half made with sliced beef and Muenster cheese on bread machine white bread, with some Kraft horseradish stuff on the beef side and mayo on the cheese side, washed down with a glass of apple juice, and raspberry yogurt for afters. )

Today was windy and dusty and cold (tonight’s low is supposed to be 15F/-9C).  I took one look outside and went back to bed.  Slept most of the day.  When I finally got up around 5 p.m., I took a shower and then washed a load of sheets plus what was in my dirty clothes hamper. (I have a large capacity washer, so a set of sheets is not enough for a load).  I decided it was finally cold enough for my comforter, so I got it out.  I’ll wash my bedspread directly.  While the clothes dried in the dryer, I snuggled in the chair with a lap robe over my legs and crocheted another snowflake (one left to crochet).  This was apparently a two-cat job, as I had hardly gotten settled when the grey one snuggled in between my shins, and the black one curled up on my thigh.  Once the clothes dried, I took a break and folded them, and made the bed.  Then back into the chair to finish the snowflake.  Now I’m taking a break.  In a while, I’ll get up and crochet the other snowflake and stiffen them.  Then all I’ll have left to do is put the ribbon loops on them, figure out how I’m going to pack them to mail, and mail them to my friend.  But now, I’m going to read the blogs and webcomics I follow.