My thanks to PlayswithHorses for bringing this video to my attention — through which I found the other two.  I was not familiar with Wyman Meinzer’s work, but am glad I now know about it.  His pictures capture the beauty of this little corner of the world known as West Texas*.  Do yourself a favor and play these full screen.  The music is nice, too.

And, to put you into the “White Christmas” spirit, here’s his Christmas card to the world:

*”West Texas” refers to the Panhandle, that rectangular bit at the top that is technically the northern-most portion of the state.  However, “North Texas” refers to the bit along the Red River, the “squiggly” boundary between Texas and Oklahoma.  The western-most, pointy bit between New Mexico on the north and the Rio Grande River on the south and west, is referred to as the “Big Bend” country.