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It was a gift from Auntie N (my BFF) to the kitties.  The white one and the black one have never shown any interest in it, but my little grey girl adores it.  When I lived in the other house, I made two “cat tables” out of plywood that were the height of the window sills to facilitate world watching.  Once I moved here, I recovered them in gold cloth to match the decor, nailed wooden picture frames to the sides to mimic the detail on the cabinets under the built-in book-cases and painted them “renter buff” to match.

The “rug” has squeakers in its “knees” and “elbows” and a “squawker” in its head, but that’s a moot point.  I’m the only one who ever squeezes them to make them sound, and nobody is very much thrilled with the noise.  (I get that look that  teenagers make when their mothers do something they think is funny but the teenagers think is too dorky for words.  You know, the “What-ever. . .” one. )

I’m pretty sure the “rug” is a dog toy, intended to make satisfying squeaky noises when it is “worried” by the dog.  I haven’t told them that, but I have a feeling that if I did, I’d get another one of those looks.  I’m not surprised that she’s the one who has taken to it.  She’s the only survivor of an abandoned litter, and I suspect she has a deep need to snuggle against something furry.  The “rug” is kind of off center.  I try to keep it in the middle, but when she jumps up on it, she tends to scoot it over to the side.  She’s being photogenic here.  Usually when I come close to her when she’s snuggling, she leaps up to her feet and chirrups and gets all happy to see me, so I try to avoid doing it.  She gets “bounced” so much by the black one that I don’t like to intrude on her private time.

I put a pillow down in this basket thinking the cats would love it, but I only ever saw “Sister” (my angel girl Shadow) sleep there, and that only a few times.  Then we lost Sister to cancer, and there it sat until one day the black one claimed it.  Since then, I’ve caught both him and the white one napping there.

The white one has been sneezy lately.  He’ll snort and snawk two or three times then sneeze at least once and sometimes twice.  This will go on for about 15 minutes, then he’ll be fine for hours.  Since I’ve been sneezing and wheezing myself, I wonder if he’s having allergies like I am.  Seems like he did the same thing year before last at about the same time.

It’s sometimes hard with cats to tell when they’re feeling sick although the white one usually hides under the bed when he’s not feeling quite up to snuff.  He’s 13 now, and naturally I worry about him.  He has been acting unduly clingy lately, which is slightly out of character for him.   When I lie on the sofa to watch TV, the black one takes possession of my legs, and has been known to fend off any attempts by the other two to join in.

However, Tuesday, the white one joined us and came and went several times without demure from the black one.

And indeed, the black one seemed to have no problem with the interloper.

Will wonders never cease?  Apparently not.