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This post is probably going to take a long time to load, for which I apologise.  It started with this one, which is just too good not to share.  (Thanks, Bear.)

Sure, you can train, and even ride a longhorn, but who’da thunk you could train a sheep?  Meet the man who can:

Now that you’ve had a look behind the scenes, here are some of the Budweiser commercials that were being filmed.  If you’re not into horses, or great television commercials, you can stop now.  Otherwise, enjoy.

This one is priceless:

I love the football ones.  The first one is called “Going for Two”*

Here’s another really good one:

This is not a commercial, but it’s a good example of a well trained hitch.

They’re good even when the horses aren’t the stars.

Sorry about the long “lead-in” to this one, but it’s worth the wait.

I’ll end it with this commercial that was broadcast only once on 09/11/2011.

*”Go for two”  In American football, when the opposing team scores a touchdown (six points), the ball is placed on the defending team’s 2 yard line and the opposing team has the choice of attempting to kick the ball through the goal posts for an “extra point” (one point), or attempting to score another touchdown — a two point conversion (two points).  This is known as “going for two.”