No, I did not forget to do a veteran’s day post.  I intentionally didn’t do one.  I strenuously resist the idea of setting aside a period of time to remember our comrades in uniform.  It implies the idea that once that time is over, we can go back to business as usual, and that is wrong!  The people who comprise our armed forces are no different from firefighters, law enforcement officers, and the others who willingly risk their lives every day to protect and defend, and they should be equally as “present.” in our lives.  All members of our armed forces, past and present, deserve not just our respect and gratitude,  but our mindfullness of who they are(were) and  how they serve(d), not just on one day of the year but on a daily basis.  As we go about our lives, we need to be more aware that people died so that we could do things we take for granted every day, starting with those everyday, ordinary people who died so that we could become a self-governing nation instead of a colony.