Just now, I made myself another bacon sandwich (yes, I have no tomatoes).  Alas, the loaves that comes out of my bread machine have a “sculptured” top.  I’m not sure exactly why this is, but it might be because I’m using “all purpose” flour instead of bread flour, which apparently has a higher gluten content, and this may affect how it rises.  So I’ve started adding wheat gluten in with the flour and that has made some improvement.  At least I don’t get big air bubbles any more.  Since I tend to be obsessive (or is that compulsive?),  I don’t want the edge of one slice to jut out beyond the edge of the other slice, so I usually  “book” the slices on the cutting board before I begin the sandwich assembly process.  Then, when I close up the sandwich, the slices “match” and the edges line up.  However, this time, I wasn’t paying attention.

Oddly enough, it tasted just fine.