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I managed to cope with the frustration of sewing needing doing and a machine that had come apart.  I did a bit of internet research and Monday afternoon, (I had a nice long lie-in), I let my fingers do the walking.  The first place I called knew exactly what my problem was — I described the situation, he asked the pertinent question, “A Brother machine you got at Walmart?” — spot on.  (An outfit I worked for about 10 years ago gave out bonuses in Walmart gift cards.  I collected a few and got this little machine at my friendly neighborhood Walmart.  It’s a nothing fancy, general purpose machine with a limited fancy stitch capability, but it’s been equal to any task I’ve thrown at it so far — up til Sunday, that is.)  Less than an hour and $23 bucks later ($13 bucks to fix the machine while I waited, $9 bucks for two packets of needles), and I’m a happy camper. The place I took it  was a ‘mom and pop’ business. The wife owns a fabric and quilting shop, the husband has a work room in the back and repairs all makes and models of sewing machines — (Now and again, we humans get this marriage thing brilliantly right.)  My quilting blog friends would have gone nuts in that place.  Her shop had a veritable rainbow of fabric all arranged by colors, every sewing and quilting doodad and gizmo you could think of and fifteen more that would never have occurred to you, and the walls were festooned with some of the most fabulous, amazing, gorgeous quits.  I may go back again and take a camera.  There was some serious quilting on display in that store.  I’m talking ‘works of art’ here.

Well, October zipped by and here it is Halloween eve.  Sandy has already played the east coast a dirty trick which was no treat.  Bad enough to have been hit with a hurricane, but to have to cope with all the flooding and damage, and the cold winter weather on top of it is like kicking somebody when they’re down.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all the wet, cold people who had their lives and property trashed by Sandy.

This next seems apropos for Halloween.  This is not Procol Harum‘s famous song, but it’s one I like all the same.  Also, it’s obviously not the original soundtrack for this vintage B&W cartoon.