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Last night, I bit the bullet and changed over from the air conditioner to the heater, and this morning, I awoke to “first use heater stink” — the “burnt dust” smell that indicated that it got cold enough in the house last night (below 68F/20C) for the heater to come on.  It’s gas heat, and the burner hasn’t ‘burned’ since I turned the heat off early last spring, so the “burnt dust” smell is literally that.  After the heater does three or four “burns,” the smell dissipates.

At 10:30 in the morning, it was 38F/3C outside according to my weather widget, which is “nippy.”  Technically, it did freeze last night but not very hard.  In a while, I’m going to make a double batch of biscuits and get a loaf of bread going in the bread machine, but I’ll have to soften some butter first as I intend to do a loaf of white.  I’ll cut it up in a little dish and set it on top of the stove.  The biscuits bake in a 450F/232C oven and that should be plenty warm enough that I can start the bread once I’ve gotten the biscuits in the oven.  While I’m at it, I’ll get my stainless steel carafe down and make some hot tea.

It was actually cold enough this morning that a short-sleeve tee shirt was not enough, and I put a long-sleeve tee on underneath it.  I have been wearing “footie” socks (the kind that don’t show when you wear them with athletic shoes) for the last couple of days, but this morning, my thoughts turned to the “sock feet” I made in December of 2010 that turned out so well.  They are quite warm and comfortable.  (I cut out two “soles” from a piece of (cowhide) leather, punched holes around the edges and sewed them with yarn onto a pair of socks I knitted out of heavy sport yarn.  The idea is that when I wear the socks out, I’ll just take the leather soles off, knit another pair of socks and sew the soles to them.  I prefer “toe up” style socks because there’s no seam across the toe so this next pair, I’m going to try doing the toes by the Turkish method, instead of this funky decrease/increase method I’ve been using that is so tricky to get to look right, and use a different method to turn the heel.)

While searching for a video that showed the heel method that I want to try, I ran across this site, Confessions of a Knitaholic, which shows how to knit two socks at the same time on a single round needle! — using either the toe up or top down methods.  This I’ve got to try! What a great way to make the little baby booties I make that are actually little socks with a ribbed cuff that has a crocheted top.  I think I already have the kind of needle I need. . . .   She has a bunch of other videos — a whole indexed list of them! — which I’ll have to explore.  Now that I think on it, since I can access the internet through my Kindle Fire, and since the cover has a little prop to hold it upright . . .