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A little musical interlude for a Sunday.  The following two videos came to me via Wrat’s Tumblr blog, “Conservatorium.” I found this blog when I ran across a drawing from it on another Tumblr blog I follow, followed the link to see more of where it came from, and ended up following that blog as well.  It is fascinating to me how things intersect other things on the internet, and how you can skate across the world on these intersections and arrive at the most fascinating places.

Wrat has this to say about the piece of music and its two different interpretations. “‘The Moon Reflected on the Erquan (Second Spring)’ has become a classic piece of folk music beloved across China. Its melody is instantly recognizable, for the ringing, sorrowful erhu that is its centerpiece. Though the song takes an incredibly romantic name, its melodic lines more truly reflect the grief and sadness of its composer, [Ah Bing,] a victim of war, illness and destitution.”

Here’s a string arrangement of the same piece, Moon Reflected on the Erquan(Second Spring), transcribed for an orchestra with western instruments.

Wrat’s Tumblr blog features single drawings and sequences of drawings involving a violinist/virtuoso and a cellist/composer.  Wrat freely admits to not being a musician and to not being able to play the musical instruments featured in the drawings, but confesses to a love of music and a love of drawing — two points where our tastes intersect, what attracts me to the blog.

drawing © 2012 Wrat

I do not know Wrat’s gender, nationality,  age, or anything else other than Wrat is fluent in English, likes to draw, draws well, likes classical music, and is inspired to draw by the music.

drawing © 2012 Wrat

Yet we connect at these two points — drawing and music (actually, three points — drawing, music and yaoi* — but then, tastes differ, so we’ll just stick to drawing and music for now.)   Wrat’s drawings interest me not just because they are well-drawn, but because they show insight, hint at personalities, imply life histories, suggest relationships.  They are not just life drawings, but drawings of life. Wrat often provides links to the pieces of music that inspired the drawings, so that you can listen to the music and relate the music to the drawing. But the inspiration from the music is always in the context of the two characters’ interactions.

drawing © 2012 Wrat

Eh, make that four points of intersection . . .drawing, music, yaoi and cats. . .

*If you do decide to check out Conservatorium, be forewarned.  Although they are drawn tastefully, some of the content and the relationship it depicts are not to everyone’s tastes.