What is this?

Is it an abstract painting?  I got it from a painter’s blog.  It’s an interesting image, isn’t it.  Very geometric with its clean and minimalist line and sphere.   Actually, it’s a photograph.  What do you think it might be a photograph of?  With the shading on the spherical object, it might be a picture of the moon, but oddly backlit.  “Moon” would be a good guess.  It is a moon, but not “the” moon — Saturn’s moons Rhea.  The horizontal line is Saturn’s ring system viewed edge on, and the hazy background is Saturn itself. The photograph was taken by NASA’s Cassini-Huygens robotic spacecraft.

Here’s some more “abstract art” by Cassini-Huygens:

Saturn’s Moon Dione

The Shadow of Saturn’s Rings

Storms on Saturn

– Saturn’s moon Mimus

Dione in Saturn’s Ring Shadow

– Titan

The Surface of Titan

The Lakes of Titan

Light Waves

A little experiment in how what we expect to see influences our perceptions.  What do you think the last one is a photo of?